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About Us

RV WindSkirt Inc. located on the central coast of California. Founded in 2010 and opened in 2015 by the Pompey family.

RV WindSkirt Inc. is a customer service-oriented wholesale distributor and internet retail company, manufacturing and distributing RV skirting & accessories to this wonderful industry and you, our customer.


To be the premier manufacture & distributor of Recreational Vehicle & Horse Trailer Skirting products & accessories with wind, water and cold blocking technology in the nation, exceeding our customer’s expectations by providing unparalleled customer service and continuing to build a solid partnership both with our retail customers, vendors, distributers & wholesalers.

 Why we developed the Skirt Panel?

This unique Skirt Panel was created to solve an issue we had with wind and the sand it would blow under our trailer and into the area we had designated for socializing and eating while camping at Pismo Beach.

I feel that all camping enthusiast some time in their camping lifetime have had this same issue with wind and how annoying it can be. Don’t get me wrong, a day outside camping in the wind is better than anytime sitting at home stuck inside a house.

I’ve searched everywhere, but found nothing on the market that could easily solve this problem, “wind & cold blocking panel” other than having a custom skirt made just for my trailer, which are very bulky, hard and time consuming to install and let’s not forget, expensive. I’ve used plywood planks and folding tables which too are very bulky & cumbersome to haul around and could very easily damage the paint of the vehicle it’s placed on, plus they just don’t work well. I’ve tried regular tarps, but found there was no way to keep the bottom portion securely held down on the ground thus allowing the wind to blow it loose and the sand to be once again blown into our gathering area.

 How it works?

The Skirt Panel (Tarp) is made of a durable light weight canvas material with exclusive patent pending features that allows the top portion to be easily installed and attached to any vehicle and the bottom part is fabricated to hang down and contour the ground you’re camping on without moving and providing a seal between the RV and the ground just by adding weight, our exclusive water weight bags, sand, pebbles, dirt, or anything you may think of that would fit into the unique pouches. (No Sharp Objects)

This Skirt Panel (Tarp) also integrates Velcro sewn onto both ends of the tarp not only to allow for quick connection of multiple Skirt Panels (Tarps) together to fit any size vehicle or area. This will provide an area that you can now enjoy without the wind and annoying debris that usually interferes with your wonderful camping experience.

 What colors do the Skirts come in?

It is manufactured in 4 different colors; Beige, Silver, White and of course Black & White Checkers as shown on the product tab. Custom colors are available at an extra cost.

 What sizes do the Skirt Panels come in?

Three, our 48”x48” skirt-panel the 48”x120” skirt-panel and the 72”x120” skirt-panel.

Simplicity is the reason we do not make 100’s of different sizes.

Installation, the ongoing usage and storage of the Skirt(s) in this particular dimension will make it very easy for anyone to use. We’ve integrated Velcro onto each end of the Skirt so that multiple units could be connected together so that you can buy only what is needed without the bulkiness of having one long skirt.


  • Simple to install and use
  • Durable
  • Looks great
  • Easily expandable
  • Compact, light weight
  • Simple to remove, fold and store
  • We kept it very affordable
  • Works great!


  • Blocks the wind from blowing under your RV & into your socializing area
  • Helps protect the area under your RV from freezing during cold and winter
  • Meets new campground requirements for skirting your entire RV
  • Covers and protects tires when storing your RV
  • Provides a non-secure hidden storage area under the RV

How Many Skirting Panels Do I Need?

Each skirting panel is 10 feet long and they can be connected to each other with VELCRO® brand strips at both ends for continuous skirting. Skirting can be installed along the sides, front and back of your RV.  Measure the perimeter of the area you want to enclose in feet and divide by 9.5 to find the number of panels you will require.