Introducing RV WindSkirt 3.0, (Snapless), no more holes to drill, no more snaps to install. RV WindSkirt 3.0 are manufactured with a new Tear, Fade & Fire Resist Material. Our partnership with a Velcro manufacture that stands behind their adhesive patches, if it comes off, we will replace it for FREE for the lifetime (5 Years) of the skirt panel.
During summer you may be feeling the summer breeze on the beach, camping, spending time with your family or simply just enjoying a nice picnic outside your RV. However, you may also be experiencing some disturbances. Wind and dirt blowing into your socializing area from under your RV can be very annoying, especially if you are eating and get dirt and dust on your food and on yourself. Some of you may be using plywood as a way to keep the wind from entering at the bottom of the RV. It may help for a while, but wood keeps in moisture and will eventually erode. It is also a hassle to move the plywood around when you travel since they are somewhat heavy, take up a lot of space and time to put away. Others use tarps for their RVs but have a hard time trying to keep the bottom portion of it securely held down to the ground. Resulting in wind blowing it lose and dirt to be blown into your gathering area. Well it doesn’t have to be that way, not anymore. See I had the same problem for a long period of time. Always having to figure out ways to cover the bottom part of my RV, and constantly fixing it in case it fell apart. It was just really time consuming. It was not until I came up with the idea of a skirt made of a durable light weight canvas material with features that allowed the top portion of the skirt to be easily installed and attached to any vehicle. While having the bottom part of the skirt fabricated to hang down to contour the ground you won’t have the need to move the skirt or have a seal between the RV and the ground. The secret to this is by adding weight on the pouches of the skirt. By adding water weight bags, sand, rock, dirt, or anything you may think of that would fit into the pouches you can keep the skirt from blowing lose. Having that weight at the bottom of the skirt will keep it securely held. You can say goodbye to the annoying debris and wind interferences, and say hello to your wonderful summer experience. Some of you may be thinking that you don't really need an RV WindSkirt to help with the wind blowing debris into your gathering area. Well here is a list of pros and cons of the other options you may be thinking about. Just so you have an idea of what you would be dealing with without an RV WindSkirt. Hopefully you find this helpful; 1. Foam Insulation Board ? Pros – More insulation, inexpensive ? Cons – Not mobile, not durable, unless reinforced with plywood 2. Plywood ? Pros – Sturdy & durable, inexpensive (about $200) ? Cons – Not mobile 3. Hay Bales ? Pros – Cheap, heavily insulated (less than $100) ? Cons – Bugs, insects, rodents, & fires 4. DIY Vinyl ? Pros – Mobile, moderate costs ($700) ? Cons – Requires more labor from having to piece the vinyl.
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