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When buying a RV Wind Skirt it helps a customer in more than one way! Here are some ways it can help you on your next camping trip. Tire Protection: Eliminates the need to purchase protected tire covers; saving customers money! Wind protection: Keeps the wind from blowing under your RV & into your socializing area. Winter storage: Installing skirting will protect the underside of your RV from the damaging effects of sun, wind, rain, moisture, and cold temperatures. It is simple to install! Why? The Skirt (Tarp) is made of a durable light weight canvas material manufactured in (4'x4') (4’x10’) & (6’x10’) sections with exclusive patent pending features that allows the top portion to be easily installed and attached to any vehicle and the bottom part is fabricated to hang down to contour the ground you’re camping on without moving and providing a seal between the RV and the ground just by adding weight i.e. our exclusive water weight bags, sand, rock, dirt, or anything you may think of that would fit into the unique pouches.
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